Friday, December 22, 2017

Weights and slowing down

Shall We Try This Again?

Man does weight lifting feel like one of the best feelings ever. Why is it so easy to get distracted from what we know works? For me its boredom. Why do I get bored so easily? Routine is horrible!! That's why most people stop working out! Cause they get bored, so switching up your workout routine is good but try to always go back to weights. What works for me is cycling three months on and then three months off.  Weights is where you will see all the change, I promise. 

So after taking a few months off of lifting weights and joining the savior of my boredom, Class pass. I have finally came to the realization after looking at my back end  in the mirror yesterday in some jeggings that my behind is looking like a much different shape than it did a few months ago. More pancake, less round. So I did what I always do when I think I'm getting fat and I signed back up at the gym and had the best weight workout I've had in months. If you want to know the routine I did or you want to have some help getting started, let me know!

Oh and just in case you were wondering, if you want to know the answer to having the body you want its running and lifting weights... that easy. I know this article may seem like I care way too much about my body, and I do. It's because I feel better about myself I perform better in all aspects of life when I feel good in my own skin. 
I am writing this mostly to inspire all woman to lift weights. It is the most empowering and stress reducing thing you can do and you will look and feel great after the fact. 

Another life lesson I have been learning this season in my life is how to slow down. Slowing down is the only way to take in all that is happening in and around you. Remembering to deep breath and remembering to be grateful in all things. If you are a runner maybe stop to actually take in how beautiful your surroundings are. It is so easy to take this amazing city of Austin for granted. It is truly beautiful, but its hard to remember or take notice if you are anything like me and you are focused so hard on getting to the end goal. Trying to enjoy the journey is what life is all about. This is a very hard lesson for me, I think impatient people have a hard time with this. 

By slowing down it allows your mind to pay attention to the details of life. It allows your mind to connect to your senses. How does the air smell? What does the humidity feel like on your skin as you are walking to the dog park? What are the noises around you? Where are they coming from? I have just began this journey of slowing down and I hope to write another blog on this topic in a few months and let you know how my journey with this is going.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more to come! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Stress and Sleep!

Stress and Sleep!!

       I have never understood the importance of lowering your stress level and getting more sleep until I was in a situation where I was not sleeping and my stress was through the roof.  I look back at pictures when I was in that situation and WOW! I look so inflamed! I look so physically different. I cant imagine what happens on the inside of our body if we can physically see higher inflammation levels.

My elevated levels of stress wreaked havoc on my sleep. I struggled with insomnia for almost 3 years and it was horrible! So what was it that was causing me so much stress?!! Well one thing that I have realized as I've gotten older that if we are in a job, relationship, or place that is not in line with who we are or the plan God has for our life this can create a lot of stress. Another thing that I have realized is that if you were under any amount of stress growing up and it is unresolved those suppressed emotions wreak havoc on our nervous system and that will elevate your stress levels as well.

I remember around this same time I was also in a job that was high stress. So, I was in the wrong relationship, job and I has a bunch of unresolved emotional pain and baggage from my upbringing. I couldn't take on any additional stress at this time at all!  I remember I signed up for a very intense 3 day  a week bootcamp and I ended up gaining 10lbs in the first month because it made my stress level even higher! When cortisol levels are elevated, fat burning capabilities are completely shut off! That is why it is so imperative that you alter your workouts depending on how high your stress level is outside of the gym,

So, once i made huge lifestyle changes. I quit my job, broke up with my boyfriend  and I started journaling  to try to get some toxic emotions out, my sleep immediately improved and I was on my way to a much healthier life.

Today, my sleep is amazing, my job is amazing, my boyfriend is amazing and I am sooo much happier than I used to be. It's actually kind of funny, the moment I met my current boyfriend I haven't really had sleep issues since....unless its around that time of the month.

So moral of this story, there are typically reasons why you are stressed out about a certain areas of your life, maybe dig into that and make sure that is something God wants for your life. Typically, if you are in a situation that feels like an uphill climb and it is not easy or peaceful it's probably not in your life plan.

Stress and Sleep are the affects that something is not going 
right in your life!

If you have ever gone through any of these things I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave comments!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Alcohol: how to cut back

Does cutting back on alcohol help you lose weight ? 

Recently I've had alot of clients who are wanting to get healthier and lose weight but there is one thing getting in the way....their alcohol consumption. Whether it be a hopping social life or a long day at work, alcohol can be very relaxing. It is a very large part of our society and it is all around us every where we go. So is it bad for us and can we lose weight and be healthy if we drink? 

It all comes down to the type of alcohol you drink, how much and the frequency. Click the link below to see the total number of calories in each type of alcohol.

 Calories in alcohol

Based on this info, in order to lose weight there needs to be a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound of fat. So based on that you need to make sure that the calories you consume do not increase your calories past your total daily caloric intake. If you want to figure out your caloric intake then you need to know your basal metabolic rate which is the amount of calories you burn without exercise. They have BMR calculators online, click the link below to figure out that number.  Then you would add in the calories burned during exercise. Based on that number figure out how many calories you should eat in the link below:

Calorie calculator

BMR calculator

So, now that we have these facts and numbers, what does alcohol do to the system?

Here is another link that explains the affects of alcohol on our system.

The affects of alcohol on the body

So long story short there are many negative consequences to drinking alcohol, however there are also some positive! It can help us to relax but it can affect sleep quality and can add unwanted calories. I try to not have anymore than three drinks at a time. It has been a long time in the making to develop that kind of discipline. I used to not be able to stop once I started. I would get out of control and sometimes it was dangerous. The thing that helped me more than anything was when I decided to
start following Jesus. He slowly changed my heart, soul and mind. The things I used to desire were no longer appealing to me. The bar scene faded more and more and I noticed my discipline for ungodly acts grew. My heart became more whole and my soul became alive. That transformation took a couple of years and it's always continuing. Now I no longer have to worry about over drinking and I'm better able to live out my purpose in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck with cutting back and I would love to hear your success stories with this or maybe things you may be having a hard time overcoming.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Getting Spiritually Fit

Are you spiritually fit ?!

As a society we are very focused on physical health, which is obviously important and many good things come out if being in good shape. We look better, feel better, have more confidence, we will hopefully live longer and won't get sick as often. We as humans have hearts, souls, minds and bodies. Our soul is defined in the dictionary as "the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal". So if you are focusing on the condition of your soul you are most likely becoming more spiritually fit. I am going to talk about the benefits of becoming spiritually fit.

So how do we know if we are spiritually fit and why is it important ? 
When one is spiritual they tend to be guided by a core belief system, core values and core principles. This is important because it will help you make decisions in life such as who you hangout with, what matters most to you, how you spend your time ect. Knowing what your belief system is and knowing why you believe that way can transform your life in many ways and save you time and heart ache. It will also give your life more purpose. 

Another thing that being spiritually fit does is it helps you forgive, and heal from emotional wounds. We've all been hurt in the past, we all hold on to grudges and pain and sometimes we never deal with these issues. So does talking about it in therapy help? I don't think so cause I know people who have been in therapy their whole lives. There has to be a faster way. Healing comes from God. Pray about it. 

You have peace and confidence in the unknown and your future. There is a sense of calmness and stillness within yourself. This will only come from being filled with the Holy Spirit. When you are on the path that God wants you to be on, there is a feeling of ease and comfort within yourself. I call it a compass, we all need direction. When you don't feel that peace, God probably doesn't want you doing whatever your doing. It makes navigating life easier. 

You will experienc more joy if you are following God plan for your life. Before I was a Christian, I lacked joy. I was funny and would laugh but never felt joy on the inside. Now I do! 

You start to understand that your body does not belong to you but to God. This will help you stay away from desiring pleasurable things and experiences that may not be good for our soul but seem to be fun at the time. This will also help you to be respect yourself more and in turn respect others greater. You live for something greater than yourself. 

Greater wisdom. Wisdom is defined in the dictionary as " the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement". 

All of these practices take time, they take discipline and they take accountability from others who are spiritually more mature than you. But with daily practice of reading the bible, praying, filling your mind with godly teachings and surrounding yourself with wise people you will be deepening the satisfaction of your life in so many ways. God has such better things in store for you than you have for yourself. You just have to be open to accepting and believing in God. 

Everyone's spiritual path is going to look different. My life was completely turned around when I devoted my life back to Christ. My soul is now found and I am full. It's the most amazing feeling ever! Everyone's got to experience this :) 

I encourage you to not only focus on the physical but also on the spiritual, it will last a lot longer than your life here on earth. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

The benefits of Kettlebell training 

       I have been teaching a Kettlebell class now for about a year twice a week and I want to talk about the benefits of kettle bells in regards to woman.... Because I am not a man lol. as far as strength I have noticed huge increases of my shoulder strength, core strength, easier glute activation ( glutes are the hardest muscle group to activate), stronger lower back, also stronger rhomboid and rear felt front the bent over row with a Kettlebell.
       As far as physical benefits I would say I'm just more defined in all of the following areas as well, mostly glutes, shoulders, back and core which in my book are all fantastic areas. So next I will share a few tie bits about Kettlebell training.
       Kettle bells are virtually like doing weighted cardio, they build your cardio vascular endurance especially in the higher heart rates, focusing a lot on anaerobic and type 2 muscle types. Going along with that they are a fantastic way to build strength. So long story short if you want an extremely efficient workout that is focused on building strength as well as power, and cardio and you only want to workout for 20-30 minutes, focus strictly on kettle bells. They also lean out vs bulk because of the combo movements of strength and cardio. So ladies!!! Start doing that Kettlebell training.

Below is an awesome Kettlebell workout:

For woman, do not use weight less than 17.5lbs unless it's for upper body.

Goblet squat
One armed swing
One legged deadlift
Bent over row

Do these five exercises 4 times around 10-15 reps on each one. Take a break for 30 seconds after the bent over row.

                                                                      Goblet squat
Two armed swing 
Bent over row 
One legged deadlift

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why am I doing this ?

The Why::: 

This is my very first blog and I'm going to talk about how and why I got into this industry. It all starts from pretty low points. I want to make sure I share openly and I do not want to hold back. So brace yourselves! Haha jk. It all started from when I was a child, my mom tried to put me in all different sports, some stuck, some stayed for a little while longer. From a young kid my favorite thing has always been to be outside running and moving around, preferably with other kids my age. The sports I tried were tennis, gymnastics, and swimming (I cried during every swim lesson). Then as I got older I played basketball, volleyball and ran track. I went through a very long phase of only wanting to wear black, white or grey, Nike or Adidas :)

Growing up was a pretty turbulent time for me to say the least. I started out doing sports because they were fun, but later in life they were the only thing that got my mind off of what was going on at home. It became this amazing outlet that I used to let out anger, build self confidence, and learn to trust myself.

At the age of two my father kicked my mother and I out of the house and we were left to live in a homeless shelter for a few months. From there my mother slowly moved us out and into the projects. She worked full time and two jobs to try to take care of my brother and I. I was forced to have partial custody with my father on the weekends which leads to another story for another time, but to say the least its where most of my stress at such a young age started.

This is all to say that by the time I got to college, I really didn't have an identity beyond sports. I was not prepared for the real world as I pretty much raised myself. So I majored in kinesiology because I knew that I loved the human body. At my time at New Mexico State I lived with a swimmer who introduced me to working out in gyms.... Before then all I had really done were sports. This became yet another outlet for me. It empowered me, focused my very busy mind, helped me to feel amazing and most importantly it led me to this amazing career I have now.

I think my outward strength really signifies the internal strength I have to always keep going, to push forward, grow, to not give up and to never settle. I have overcome so many obstacles in my life and want to show others that through pursuing what they love, even if they don't have anything else on the planet but a love for something, do it, be the best at it and don't give up. This is only the beginning of my career and I have no doubt that God is going to use it in some amazing ways.

The last reason why I do what I do is to put positivity into the world. I lived and saw such darkness for so long growing up and I decided I never want to live that way. I want people to be healthy and feel good about themselves because it affects how they treat those people closest to them in their life.

P.s. My dad is an amazing man now. Our family has really done a transformation. He is the inspiration behind most of this website and what I do. I wouldn't have the strength I have now if it weren't for him. Trust your struggle. He has redeemed my childhood. Life lesson number #1 = forgive those who have harmed you.

Thanks for reading :)